Coloured Stone Tiaras

Every tiara is made to order by hand. I do not buy in stock and no tiaras are factory manufactured. So every tiara is bespoke. The prices range from £50.00 to £500.00. A tiara can be made for any price range. Each tiara is priced individually according to specifications. We can negotiate and reach an agreement to suit the budget. Weddings are variable in price and each Bride has a guideline for price. To create a Bespoke tiara, payment is required after the design has been agreed, if we are meeting in the London area and doing a personal design consultation, a 50% deposit is required. We will have a final fitting so it is perfect and the balance of the payment will be made. If you are ordering online I accept payments using Paypal, which is a safe, reliable and quick way to make payments over the internet. You may make payments directly into my account by email contact. You may pay by check in UK Sterling. Send an email and the address and information will be sent. Please allow four working days for the check to clear.

As the designs are made to order the tiara will be ready in two to six weeks depending on work schedule.

The ideal way is to meet in the London Area and I will give the tiara to you at the final fitting.

If you are outside the Greater London Area, it will be sent by Royal Mail, Special Delivery. A delivery date will be dispatched by email. The item must be signed for at delivery.

If a tiara is damaged by posting there will be a replacement as each item will be insured for £500.00.

As these tiaras are made exclusively for each client they are Bespoke and cannot be returned.